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Network Analyst



1.1.1.       Provide networking support, including:Act as the lead designer of the IP network architecture of the lab infrastructure(s)and prototypes developed in collaboration with the project teams

1.1.2.       Perform networkmonitoring, optimization and maintenance/trouble shooting

1.1.3.       Providetechnical support for the design, implementation, operation and training on the different Virtual Desktop Infrastructure(VDI) systems and other virtualization technologies as well as boot from Local Area Network (LAN) systems

1.1.4.       Support the production of technical specification for the procurement of networking/computing items

1.1.5.       Provide supportfor the identification of data storage systemsmeeting the projectrequirements & constraints, prepare system specifications to supportthe procurement process and reviewtechnical justification(s), upon system delivery perform system setup, maintenance, operation & training forStorage Area Network (SAN/NAS/JBOD) related technologies

1.1.6.       Provide supportfor the identification of securityappliances meeting the project requirements & constraints, preparesystem specifications to support the procurement process and review technical justification(s), upon systemdelivery perform system setup, maintenance, operation & training for security appliances including but not limited to In-line Network Encryption, IP Security/tunneling, CrossDomain Solutions (CDS)/High Assurance Guards, firewalls, authentication systems, IntrusionDetection/Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS), self-encryption drives/disk encryption software

1.1.7.       Providesupport on wireless/radio networking devices including but not limited tosecure WiFi, Common Data Links(CDL), Tactical Data Links (TDL),mesh radios, SATCOM,Free Space Optical(FSO) Communication


1.2.    During networking duties lull, providesoftware application development support, including:


1.2.1.       Contribute to software development activities including programming applications in C/C++/C#applied to multiple technological domains such as:        TacticalData Links (VariableMessage Format (VMF)and Link 16);        Video Streaming (STANAG 4609 Metadata data streams formattransformations and SMPTE-2022-6 and/or SMPTE-2110-TR-03video stream decapsulation, display, storage &API development enablingimage processing via third partyapplications);        Navigation data (GNSS/IMU data streams formattransformations);        Sensorgimbals & directional antennas steering;        Symbologyintegration in differentGIS tools to facilitate understanding of the situationby operators (Situation Awareness (SA)) and enable sensorcross-cueing.


1.2.2.       Developand prepare diagrammatic plans for solution of business, scientific andtechnical problems by means of computer systemsof significant size and complexity;

1.2.3.       Analyzethe problems outlined by the systems analysts/designers in terms of suchfactors as style and extent ofinformation to be transferred to and from storage units, variety of items to be processed,extent of sorting, and format offinal printed results;

1.2.4.       Select and incorporate availablesoftware programs;

1.2.5.       Create and modify code and software;

1.2.6.       Designmethods and procedures for small computer systems, and sub-system of larger systems;

1.2.7.       Develop, test and implementsmall computer systems,and sub-systems of larger systems;

1.2.8.       Produce forms, manuals, programs,data files, and procedures for systems and/or applications;And

1.2.9.       Correct programerrors by revisinginstructions or altering the sequence of operations.



1.3.    Provide technical support on any other aspectsof the lab and prototypes computing & communication systems as directed by the TA, including withoutbeing limited to:


1.3.1.       Contribute to requirements identification/clarification activities, which include the formulation, documentation, maintenance and, verification and validation (V&V)of technical requirements. This may include any ofthe following sub-tasks:              Requirements inception or requirements elicitation



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