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Quality Assurance/Management Specialist

Ottawa, ON


4.1.1         Integrate and participate in activities and meeting with the IT service delivery and projectteams as the Quality Assurance(QA) management subjectmatter expert,

4.1.2         Provide recommendationhow to tailor QA as a service to protect level of quality that represents the project complexity and risk,

4.1.3         Review post-project IT documentation such as lessonlearned, audit, healthcheck reports relatedto Quality Assurances practices,

4.1.4         Lead development of test strategies and plans,

4.1.5         Participate in functional and technical designreviews,

4.1.6         Identify and documentsoftware defects

4.1.7         Participate with other project resources to resolveQA defects

4.1.8         Work as part of the G&Cs program team as thequality assurance management subject matterexpert

4.1.9         Engage and interview target solution G&CsIT service providerto understanding IT solution landscape and integration points

4.1.10     Analyzing current QualityAssurance and testingapproach to identifyinefficiencies with documentation and managing flow of defects.

4.1.11     Contribute to the development and implementation of an integrated approach to testingquality management for the organization

4.1.12     Performing analysis and reviews of Business Requirements Documents and Functional Design Documents identifying gaps in preparationfor scripting and testing of COTS applications

4.1.13     Developing and planningQA and testing implementation approachfor all integrated applications to ensure the quality of testing followedthe guidelines of the organization

4.1.14     Planning and participating Lesson Learned meetings where the Quality AssuranceTeam would identify and itemize testingissues, prioritizing, and suggesting resolutions for management

4.1.15      Reviewing and analyzing documentation to project level of QAby identify gaps in:               User Stories               Business Design Documents               Business Requirements Documents               Functional Design Documents

4.1.16      Propose solutionsto address QA problem areas and improveefficiencies;

4.1.17     Provide Quality Assurancebest practices coachingsessions to IT Service delivery teams and stakeholders;

4.1.18     Developing, deploying and evaluating policies,procedures, standards, initiatives, metrics, forms and toolsfor the quality management system;

4.1.19     Verifying and confirming if the qualitymanagement system's processassets (policies, procedures and standards) are beingadhered to;

4.1.20     Conducting conformance audits and or health check of the Quality Management System. Reportingresults and recommending appropriate corrective actions to deal with the non- conformances;

4.1.21     Using multiple QualityManagement methodologies and tools to address the organization's businessneeds (Measurement and management of organizational performance);

4.1.22     Developing process management by application of continuous improvement methodology, and

4.1.23     Working in an Agile projectdevelopment approach which includes but is not limited to the following:               Ability to work with a Timebox concept               Work with a Product Backlog               Sprint planning               Daily Scrum               Sprint Review               Sprint Retrospective










·        MUST clearly demonstrate,using project summaries, that the proposed resource has the following:


At least five (5) years of experience, within the last ten (10) years, analyzing current Quality Assurance and testing approaches to

identify inefficiencies with documentation and managing

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