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Database Administrator Level 3 - Senior - TBIPS

Ottawa, Active


·        The Contractor’s resources may be required, but are not limited to, to performthe following:

·        Provide databasesupport and databaseadministration tasks on projects and operations, Configure and optimize the Oracle 12c infrastructure,

·        Perform necessary optimizations to the database environment, investigate and resolvedatabase performance problems,

·        Provide supportto service providersand developers on projects and operations, Performdatabase security administration and support,

·        Administer databases and database serversin multiple environments,

·        Establish and document databaseprocesses and procedures that are approved,

·        Design, implement, and configure backupand recovery strategies for all environments, Monitor Oracle licensingrequirements with the supportagreement,

·        Liaise with Shared ServiceCanada regarding the server environments and various Requestsfor Change (RFCs),

·        Provide guidance, advice and recommendations on any databaserelated initiatives to services providers, Provide recommendations to the Technical Authority and SeniorManagement on way forward for GAC applications using Oracle databases,

·        Provide statusupdates to the Technical Authority,

·        Analyze the possibilities of upgrading to a more recent versionof Oracle (i.e. Oracle 19c),Potentially upgrade to a more recent versionof Oracle,

·        Knowledge transferto existing staff.






·        Must demonstrate that the proposedresource is

holdinga current, valid Government of Canada (SECRET) or higher security clearanceat the date and time of the RFP bid closing.

The following information must be provided by the bidderfor each proposedresource:

Name of the individual as it appearson security clearanceapplication form.

·        Level of security clearanceobtained.

·        Validity periodof security clearance obtained.

·        Security Screening Certificate and BriefingForm file number.

·        Name of the entity under which the security clearance was obtained.

·        Must demonstrate that the proposedresource has

ten (10) years of experience as a DatabaseAdministrator using Oracle v10g & above; includinginstalling, configuring, tuning, troubleshootingand upgrading Oracle relational database management systems (RDBMS).

·        Must demonstrate that the proposedresource has

two (2) years of experienceas a Database Administrator using Oracle v12c & above;including installing, configuring, tuning, troubleshootingand upgrading Oracle relational database management systems (RDBMS).

·        Must demonstrate that the proposedresource has

two (2) years of experience installing, configuring and troubleshooting Oracle Cloud Control12c or above.

·        Mustdemonstrate that the proposed resourcehas two (2) years of experience applyingperformance monitoring

/ tuning techniques and procedures using Oracle Cloud Control 12c or above.

·        Must demonstrate thatthe proposed resource has two (2)years of experience as a Database Administrator using Microsoft SQL Server;including installing, configuring, tuning, troubleshootingand upgrading MS relational database management systems (RDBMS).

·        Must provide at leasttwo (2) recent references (within the past five (5) years)and related projectsthat can validate the knowledge and experience ofthe proposed resource. Informationmust include Organization, contact name,contact telephone number, e-mail address, a descriptionof the projects and the date and duration of the contract.



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